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Roofing work

  • – Slate roofing
  • – Tile roofing
  • – Alwitra roofing membrane
  • – Flat roof waterproofing
  • – Metal roofing
  • – Velux roof windows
  • – Guttering and accessories
  • – Repairs
  • – On-roof insulation

Carpentry work

  • – Roof truss
  • – Dormer extension
  • – Dormer construction
  • – Carport
  • – Terrace cladding with wood
  • – Facade cladding with wood
  • – Wooden extensions
  • – Timber frame construction

Velux: Roof Windows

As the largest manufacturer of roof windows, VELUX combines natural light and ventilation. The openness to the outside, the view of nature and the direct exposure to the sun help to regulate the circadian rhythm. In harmony with the sun, we tend to get up at dawn. Roof windows allow daylight into the rooms, which regulates your sleep, hunger and brain activity.

Maintenance & Repair

Roof maintenance allows you to extend the life of your roof, minimize the risk of roof complications, avoid a complete re-roofing as well as alleviate your budgetary worries. The same is true for preventive roof repairs. Specifically, preventive repair is an integral part of roof maintenance and is intended to save you money in both the short and long term.

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Michael Blang

Master Roof Tiler
Blang & Lauterbach Sàrl


Jan Hilger

Master Carpenter
Blang Holzbau Sàrl

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