The frame is the central element of the roof and provides stability and support. All the other elements that make up your roof rest on the frame, such as insulation, roofing and other materials. The framework defines the shape of the roof and the loads it carries. It must therefore be very strong.

It is therefore essential that your roof structure is perfect. Blang Holzbau can design and build a high-quality, solid and safe roof structure for you.

Blang Holzbau is the ideal partner for roof framing work in new construction or renovation, as well as for timber constructions. Our specialist company guarantees safety, precision and quality!

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Wood Trusses

The roof truss forms the basis of every roof. It is the substructure for the later roof construction.
A house has a roof truss that supports the rafters, which in turn support the roof covering made of tiles or other roofing materials.

The wooden struts and beams provide a stable roof construction.

Timber construction – roof sealing

Roof sealing with alwitra roofing membranes and final decking from a single source.

We can implement even the most demanding and complex timber structures for you, taking into account all architectural, climatic and functional requirements and finding individual solutions. Whether you simply need a repair to your wooden structure or are planning a major project such as the construction of huge stables – simply contact us and we will tailor an offer specifically adapted to your available budget.

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