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As an experienced master roofer, we leave no customer wish unfulfilled. And no matter how special your ideas are: we ROOF it!

Give your home a unique look with visually appealing roofing in slate or tile. Or exploit the maximum possibilities in terms of living space with space-optimising and light-flooding dormer windows. No matter what you have in mind for your roof. We take care of a masterly realisation.

We are also experienced specialists in the areas of roof insulation, roof insulation and building plumbing, so that you can look forward to a warm, energy-efficient and beautiful home.

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Tiled roofs

Nowadays, we know a variety of materials for pitched roofs that are well suited for roofing and have proven themselves in the meantime.

Tiles are of particular importance – also from a historical point of view. After the war, in line with the general trend, the widespread belief in plastics in architecture also took a heavy toll on the clay roof tile. It is very pleasing that since the 1990s we have seen a noticeable return to materials made with natural raw materials for roofing.

The traditional roof tile, for example, has gained ground again over the long-popular concrete roof tile – and the trend is rising. Especially in private residential construction, the roof tile is on the rise again and plays an increasingly important role as a very popular roofing material.

Slate roofs

Slate is the classic natural roofing material for quality roofs. In Central Europe, the highest demands are placed on slate.

This applies not only to the material quality of approx. 4 to 6 mm gap thickness, but also to the choice of formats and types of roofing. Slate is characterised by its very long durability – one speaks of “at least one generation” – and by a particularly tasteful appearance and aesthetics.

We prefer the elegant and technically sophisticated type of roofing called “Altdeutsche Deckung”. It is referred to as the “queen of cover types”. A slate roof with an old German covering is artistically shaped in the details and is one of the top achievements of the roofing trade. Characteristically, the smallest tiles are used at the ridge and the largest at the eaves – where the water accumulation is greatest. This makes the roof look even more beautiful and higher.

Metal roofing

Metal is very light, which makes it ideal for renovating old roofs.

Metal tiles are quick and easy to install, and the light weight of metal roof tiles makes it easier for the roofer or carpenter to work on the roof. Metal roofs also require little maintenance and are therefore particularly low-maintenance and durable.

The zinc roof is particularly environmentally friendly, because little energy is required for its production and little CO2 is emitted during its manufacture.

At Blang & Lauterbach, our master roofers put all their know-how at your disposal.

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