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VELUX – Combining natural light and ventilation

At VELUX, we believe that homes filled with light are filled with joy. Natural light and fresh air are sources of well-being. Together, they make a significant contribution to the comfort of people in the home and bring rooms to life.

By combining natural light and ventilation, you can give your room a pure and sober look for a completely warm moment. The openness to the outside world, the view of nature and the direct exposure to the sun help to regulate the circadian rhythm. In harmony with the sun, we tend to get up at dawn. Roof windows allow more daylight into the room, which regulates your sleep, hunger and brain activity. VELUX offers a wide range of roof windows.

Blang & Lauterbach and Blang Holzbau will take care of your roof window project from start to finish, from design to installation.

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VELUX brings light to life.

VELUX is a global company founded on the vision of daylight, fresh air and quality of life – 3 features that perfect life in millions of homes and apartments around the world.

Today, more than 70 years after the first VELUX skylight was installed in a Danish school, the VELUX vision has evolved – but the values remain the same. As the world’s largest manufacturer of roof windows, VELUX today stands for light, air and views in the attic, creating a better living environment and a better quality of life under the roof.

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